Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Management Interview

: Health Service OrganizationIntroductionIn the course of the raillery , the health back up worry analysis centers in the Department of Nursing corpse of rules of the chosen institution in Camden , New Jersey , specifically in Cooper University Hospital . The primary source of the sermon comes from the consultation of the hospital s Senior Vice President for easygoing Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer - Mrs . Elizabeth D . Bobulski , R .N , M .P .H . The audience with Mrs . Bobulski has been conducted last August 2 , 2008 specifically emphasizing on the s , namely (1 ) install players of the treat department (2 ) nursing conditions (3 ) staffing of workforce and lastly (4 ) coordinating(prenominal) and collaborative systems (e .g . multi-level and integrated performance-based model . During the analysis of this circumspection interview , the discussed dooms center on conceptual application of health trouble oversight , organizational structure and associated activities , and theoretical application on the identified structure and process of managementDiscussionThe first question recount to the interviewee is about the use and organization within and outside the identify players of the hospital check to Mrs . Bobulski , the hospital comprises of different heads who act as the major diagnose persons of the organization . To minimize the pressure of the management requisites , our president , Mr . J .P . Sheridan has adopted the four-level management concept that shall deal a level-by-level relay of management concerns According to Johnson (2005 , different concerns in the field of reimbursement pressures staffing shortages , rising costs , changing patient demands , escalating restrictive requirements , and an aging population confront the few people act as the tell hea ds of the institution . In for the managemen! t to pick up inhibit interventions and resolutions multi-level of leadership , accountability and processes are usually manipulation as a form of decentralization of authority (Meuleman , 2008 br.326 . In the process of coordination , the top management disseminates the tasks and issue management arrogate to the job of each key player . As for Mrs .
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Bobulski , she takes all over the following identified tasks (1 ) nurse-patient staffing proposals (2 ) quality assurance management on nursing service (3 ) patient-nurse concerns (4 recruitment , evaluation and recommendation of nursing staffs and (5 appropriate placement of nurse specialtyOnce the task of each key player is set , it is necessary for them to abide to these roles however , payable to the increasing complexity of demands within the health care system , there are instances wherein compromises , liabilities and management inconsistencies tend to be inevitable (Roussel , Swansburg and Swansburg , 2005.202 . According to Mrs . Bobulski , aside from the multi-level leadership model they are growing , they are also implementing performance- beat systems to organize their strategies , patient-workforce demands and coordination As verbalized , PM (performance-measurement ) system , specifically the integrated system , is currently domain implemented in our organization due to the administration s business- point management . avoiding decline in patient care handling According to Stewart and Lockamy (2001 , the integrated performance-measurement system model exists for linking performance measurement of the trio primary , a ggregate business functions (finance , resource and ! guest oriented function and their corresponding business processes for accomplishing...If you want to descend a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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