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Character Analysis

Running head : Les Miserables : Character AnalysisLes Miserables : Character AnalysisClient s NameUniversity AffiliationLes Miserables : Character AnalysisJean ValjeanJean Valjean is a central graphic symbol of Les Miserables . His story is that of misery , pain in the neck , and sleaziness . Valjean is an epitome of change . He makes transitions from one kind of patch to another , as dictated by his drastic recognises in smell . Valjean s breeding story is a story of how an honest and fair earth can be hardened by friendly club in general , and prison in particularBecause of Valjean s regrettable screw in prison , he hardens into a outlaw and a social outcast . This transformation in Valjean s life is a recognition of the observed truth and pattern of gentle existences gentleman air wherein man changes , either for better or for worse , as a result of external forces much(prenominal) as family . The most important part of Valjean s personality is his resilience and overbearing attitude towards life and change in general . He accepts the positive effect of other people in his life , and learns to love and care for such peopleUltimately , how eer , the good office of Valjean surfaces , and even the bishop realizes that , as shown by this passage The bishop approached him and said , in a low voice Do not forget always , that you have controld me to use this silver to become an honest man Jean Valjean , who had no recollection of any such address , stood dumb demonstrateed . The bishop had stressed these words as he press out them . He continued solemnly Jean Valjean , my brother , you no long belong to evil , but to good . It is your soul I am buying for you . I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the serrated wrack of perdition , and I give it to GodFantineFantine is one of the percentages in Les Miserables who lived! the brush off appealing life . She had been divest of good opportunities goofce her childhood , such as culture and care . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Thus , she grew up to be an uneducated girl whom everyone else found easy to victimizeFantine can slow be categorized as a victim of auberge , since she had been deprived of education without her fault , and yet society quick found her corrupt and unfit for fruitful activity and relationships . A fix of people took advantage of her lack of knowledge , education and experience , and thereafter left her out in the insentient . Fantine s character is a blameless illustration of the bigo try in gentle society and the story of her life is but a perfect example of the way injustice ruins livesBrought by her experiences , Fantine wise(p) to have a different view of morality , as expressed in her statement [T]he guilty one is not he who commits the sin , but the one who causes the darknessCosetteThe character of Cosette is in many prize similar to that of Valjean , an effect largely influenced by the latter s pickings charge over her education and elevation . Thus , wish Valjean , Cosette exhibits her kindheartedness and morality through her...If you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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