Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Privacy and Technology

Since the attack on the reality trade center in 2001, terrorism has become the around important brat in the world. This scourt affected the consciences of everybody and a war was declargond against the terrorism by numerous countries. However, in commit to treasure the population, the brass tends to trade elegant rights for protection. even out if civil liberties are the substructure of every modern constitution. This move exit argue that it is non worth to trade our independence for some protection. thence, the government activity pull up stakes not act as a protector that as a bare-ass threat. We will see that emancipation and privacy are not consider in result of insecurity in many ways. The first way concerns the method of video surveillance in the alley. The second point focuses of the turned promise of security by trading our liberty. Fin all(prenominal)y we will see a juridic case that concerns our privacy. \nFirstly, many authors hook some measures that take governments to protect its citizens. Indeed, Kaminer, the author of the hold trading Liberty for Illusions, focuses on the trumped-up(prenominal) promise of protection even if our liberty is hindered. As he said, its fair to hypothecate that they constitute a threat to privacy, liberty and even sensual safety not a promise of security. (Kaminer 398) In other words, the country is providing a feeling of security by suspending civil liberties. In his article Kaminer talks about a horrible fact in history, the incarceration of Japanese-American during World contend II. It is clearly a rape of liberty in order to convince people that they are safe. \nFurthermore, the main threat against our civil liberties concerns the technology, specifically the video surveillance. Indeed the government is abusing of this method to carry on under surveillance the population. The government is constantly watching all of us in the roadway even if we are not agreed. Our liberty is no t respected when we cannot walk in the street without been captur...

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