Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Correlation and Causation

Albert Einstein once give tongue to The world is in great peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who in truth commit it. At this omen in my life, I couldnt fork over found that assertion to be any truer. Im an activist, an avid integrityness at that. I enterprise to fight evil educating others, on what not many mint constitute ever plane questi wizd before; Vaccines. When I split up most people this, their front reaction is oh, youre one of those people or I get it, Jenny McCarthy say it was bad. I screen not to let that breach me, I simply f wholly apart ignorance is bliss, because it usually is. I had to give away my lesson the hard way; a way no gravel should have to learn. I have match, one boy and one girl, as unexpected as they were, I couldnt have been to a greater extent excited for them to arrive. It seems that they were more excited than my wife and I were, and entered this world 12 weeks early, at exactly 28 weeks. Tiny, slender and barely clinging to life, my twins fought and grew and started to thrive. later on about 3 months in the NICU, they were discharged and finally came home. We sacredly went to all appointments and follow up visits, gave them all the recommended vaccinations, and put them on a strict aliment schedule to help with tilt gain. They were thriving, my daughter was a refinement behind and that was to be expected. only if my son was hitting all of his milestones ahead of schedule; inglorious his doctors and specialists with all(prenominal) visit. That was until we went to their 12 month well-child visit, and my twins received their MMR vaccine. Not til now 3 hours had passed since the visit when my wife discover our son jerking abnormally in his sleep, she checked his temp and it was 103.4. My wife started to panic and in a flash rushed him to the emergency way of life where doctors fought for hours to develop his temperature down with not much(prenominal) success. It wasn t until a CT scan we found the obtain of his temperature; swelling in his b...

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